Regal Mold and Die completes many projects each year in the automotive, healthcare, appliance, and electronics industries (Click on picture for larger view).


Our most prominent project. We make both single and two shot HVAC parts that are top quality.



Our radiator projects include, but are not limited to, cooling fans and pressure tanks.

Automotive Interior

We create a wide variety of molds for parts in the interior of automotives. Including, but not limited to, center panels, speaker gilles, and storage bins. We create both 2-Shot and Applique molds.


We complete these molds in the healthcare and other industries. 

Automotive Lighting


Our automotive lighting projects include single and two shot molds.

Automotive Under the Hood

Our automotive projects for under the hood parts are both 2-Shot and Insert Molded.

Smaller 2-Shot Parts


These parts include register thumbwheels, small closeouts, and drain tubes.

1817 Leer Dr.

Elkhart, IN 46514






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Sensor Connecter

Overmolded and Insert Molded using PPS Material. Mold runs at 280 degrees F.